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The new hero.

Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning 101

Audio: Big Tech is building a biofascist state

Not offensive to handcuff & murder babies point-blank; but so very highly offensive to publish it.

Technocratic BioFascism in full swing globally

Audio: Interview on mRNA kingdom in Victoria, Australia.

Part-3 Audio:AU's top vaccine expert Nigel Crawford's significant role in influencing Federal (ATAGI) & VIC State Vaccine Policies, Vax Safety, Pharma Links, Mandates, Exemption, Injuries, Myocarditis

mRNA Empire in Australia. Part-1: mRNA Kingdom in Victoria. Are we ready for more mandated medical tyranny?

Part-2: Australia's top vaccine expert Nigel Crawford -- his influence in VIC, Vax Safety institutions in VIC & their Pharma ties -- can they be trusted?

Opinion piece: Policies for an Ideal Australia — Australian Sovereign Protectionist Independent party

New UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak explains CBDC

Australia's top vaccine expert Nigel Crawford -- A man who wears many hats. Part-1: Crawford's role in ATAGI influencing Australian Federal Govt vaccine policies.

Masks : A comprehensive collection of studies, mask mandate as a way to coerce vax, School mask mandates are back

The Victorian government must release Raw Data on C19 deaths to the public

Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration un-personed a 6 year old Aussie boy reportedly killed by the Pfizer shot

5 year old boy who reportedly died of Cardiac Arrest is the 5th Aussie child victim of Pfizer C19 injection in the 5-11 y/o age group

10 year old Aussie boy reported dead. 4 children dead in the 5-11 y/o age group. Pfizer's C19 injection suspected.

USA's military will plunder our Aussie resources. Aussies will own nothing and will be happy.

On what basis was Moderna C19 injection approved in the first place?

6 year old Australian boy reported dead. Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine suspected.

Australia 2021 -- C19 vs C19 jab weekly stats posters. How many Aussies would have taken the jab (coerced or otherwise) had these posters been shared widely then?

9 year old Aussie Girl reported Dead. Pfizer Vaccine Suspected to have caused Cardiac Arrest

Being a contrarian merely for the sake of being one

Russian Embassy's Cartoons convey truthful information

7 Year Old Aussie Boy Killed by Pfizer C19 Jab & Depths of Depravity of Dictators

TGA adds 222 C19 jab Adverse Events cases overnight; Refuses to disclose age of 78 (35%) cases; 24yo F, 46yo M dead by suspected post-vax Cardiac Arrest; 10 Cancers; SVT in 12yo; RBC Rouleaux in17yo

New Adverse Events records added to the TGA's public database on 5 March 2022.

Have Aussies reached Peak Adverse Events yet? Apparently not. Just one day's worth of C19 jab adverse events records.

5 y/o pfizered baby girl in Australia suffers Vaginal Haemorrhage

How many crippled and/or killed Aussie kids is too many for the TGA and the DoH?

Woke lefties in the west are supporting SS Chief Heinrich Himmler inspired Azov Battalion of Ukraine against Russia!

Australian Govt & TGA must explain why a 2 y/o was Pfizered

Say NO to more Speech and Thought policing

2020-20** Conspiracy Theories & Heretic Speech. Saying/Thinking these could get you persecuted.

Science by consensus is Evidence (de)based Science™

Analysis of post-Pfizer Pregnancy, Birth & Breastfeeding data from Post-Marketing FOIA document

We are in a war

Daily Hour of Fear in Victoria features Natural Immunity Denial & Quarterly Booster Mandates