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Learning the finer details of a sales/marketing career as a young man, I was taught that the one essential thing to understand in making a successful sales pitch, is to first grasp that you can sell only “Benefits.”

Speaking as a young Chancellor in this video, Rishi Sunak, whose mouth doubtfully would melt Butter, is asking us to believe a "Central Bank Digital Currency” could greatly "benefit businesses and consumers,” without so much as a hint of any difficulties whatsoever!

Once a Government becomes tied to selling the benefits of Central Banking digital currency programs, it is not hard to see how easily Governments could become puppets of strong minded world bodies like the WEF. Any government that thinks this will work with no strings attached is naive In the extreme.

Digital currencies may I am sure be very beneficial in many circumstances, but only while the digital infrastructure that makes them work operates efficiently, however, the absolute chaos they cause when they fail, something that I experienced only recently, carry no benefits whatsoever for anyone.

A whole Shopping Centre’s digital systems went down, including Postal services and unless you had cash, there was no chance of making any sort of transaction, including, taking home your weekly grocery shopping list.

Here was a case of a digital currency system failing and being good for nothing and having no benefits for anyone!

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