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Giving the Devil (@TGAGovAu) the benefit of the doubt - what art the chances that non-specific vaccine-related death(s) was reported by someone whacko and never happened?

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A very good question. Thank you for raising this. The TGA has an internal database which receives all adverse events notifications. Every report of vax death / vax adverse event is followed up by the TGA staff prior to entering the records from the internal database to the public Adverse Events database.

TGA's boss John Skerritt himself confirmed this during the senate estimates to Senator Gerard Rennick. He literally used the example of a whacko submitting an adverse event report with the name "Dr Fake Doctor". Skerrit said, even those ones are followed up. Ctrl-F for "Fake" in this link: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Hansard/Hansard_Display?bid=committees/estimate/25683/&sid=0001

My initial draft of this article included a section on this benefit of the doubt, but the article felt too long and the explanation of internal vs public adverse events database deserves a separate dedicated article.

I will detail this process in a separate article and then link it here in the comments section.

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Can't wait for the Royal Commission and Skerritt to start to sing bringing the entire syndicate down

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I can't speak to any of the other cases, but I believe case 724925 was faked. The person who submitted the fake posted on Reddit about it at the time (before later deleting their account - was /u/CASAleisuregolf). In the comments of the post below, you can see them (showing up as "deleted") arguing with people and smugly posting about how their report was apparently accepted - "To further our narrative of course! They don’t even fact check it! You can write whatever you want and use it as evidence the jabs are killing people. Only 42 people have shit themselves to death after the jab, we need to bump those numbers up".


Someone else who I suspect is the same person but don't have definitive proof ended up posting about it later as well (/u/DavidThorne31). They then ended up deleting this post after it was removed by the mods.


Account post archives to show the deleted posts (the images are sometimes unrecoverable)



"Dr Fake Doctor" is actually this case (724925) - you can see in the account archive for CASALeisuregolf that they claimed to have submitted their report under this name.

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Perhaps he was referring to TGA boss John Skerritt's comment. In any case, Skerritt himself confirmed during Senate Estimates that only verified records are added to the external public database. There is an internal database which has more records. I had explained this in my reply to an earlier comment. See https://thesolitaryreaper.substack.com/p/australias-therapeutic-goods-administration/comment/7425884

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Hi Radika, Lovely to chat with you on TNT with Mike Ryan. I’ve just subscribed to your SS page, and will do my best to repost your work on my usual SM pages. (Just reposted this on FB, Twitter, Telegram, GETTR, and VK.) I’m not the analytical or number crunching type of researcher/writer, but I sure do appreciate those out there who are. Thanks for your efforts. With the 💉 now being pushed on young children, we’re now entering the most dangerous, and scariest phase of this psy-op. Hope we might stay in touch. 🙏👍😎 PS. See below.⬇️ FYI.

Article: Whistling Past the Graveyard (Part One) — The Crimes & Betrayals of the Medical Establishment, by Greg Maybury.

#DrFauci #Covid #BillGates #BigPharma #WEF #WHO #KlausSchwab #GreatReset #AdverseEvents #AIDS #HIV


📃Article: Whistling Past the Graveyard Part Two: The High Priests of Public Health & Modern Medicine, by Greg Maybury.

#DrFauci #Covid #BillGates #BigPharma #VaccineSideEffects #WEF #WHO #GreatReset #AdverseEvents #AIDS #HIV


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Hi Greg,

Apologies for the delayed response. Just checking notifications on substack. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your efforts too. I appreciate it. I have been suspended and locked out from my social media. Currently looking at the woefully underpowered trials in babies 6 months to 4 year olds. Trial unfit to detect even not-so-rare adverse events in this cohort. Sample size is not even large enough to detect adverse events occurring at a rate of 1 in 1000 with 98% confidence.

The Solitary Reaper

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