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The usual suspects & bluetick shills are running cover for Elon Musk’s rate limiting policy.

And now I cannot even post my comment as a reply, tweet or quote their tweet with my opinion.

Gab also deals with scraping bots. Twitter and Musk shills think we are all fools.

The blueticks are claiming that Elon Musk is trying to prevent AI programs from scraping our tweets to formulate censorship algorithms. Firstly, AI scraping bots didn’t just suddenly come about yesterday. Secondly, there are ways to detect scraping requests & block their IPs. But this supposed noble act of censorship to protect you from AI is just an excuse used by Musk to justify rate limiting which limits you to mainstream narratives like the ones the blueticks are peddling.

Someone who puts Kill Switches in your cars can never be a hero.



For some reason, I could not post the above as a reply or as a tweet or as a quote tweet.

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I suspect everything you say about Musk is true, which begs the question, is Twitter the sole viable media option for Tucker Carlson, given his present circumstances? It is a pitiable position for someone of Tucker's abilities to be in, given his enormous talent for reducing the politically complex to the simple, so that ordinary people can better understand what it really is confronting them! How long do you think this can viably go on for so far as Tucker is concerned?

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I think you raise a very valid point about how viable this can be for Tucker who has pinned his hopes on Twitter.

Tucker Carlson could have easily started his own media outlet & simply used Twitter to promote his media. But Tucker is promoted by Musk himself. So I guess he doesn’t have too much to worry about.

While Tucker says a lot of things that other MSM talking heads dare not say, he still peddles a lot of neocon talking points. His opposition to covid policies such as lockdowns & vax mandates came quite late.

The goal of twitter censorship & limiting people to mainstream voices is to silence those who ring the alarm bells from the start. They have no problems with the likes of Tucker.

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The WEF is composed of the hundreds of corporations and their millions of shareholders who've signed up to it.

The 'elites' are the ruling class who exist because capitalism created them. If they are 'elites' then we are the 'dregs' (antonym). The ruling class own most of the major social media platforms, including Gettr.

If people don't want a workers revolution to dismantle capitalism, then they should stop complaining and accept what happens. Also, the ballot box in bourgeois democracy is a rigged system for keeping the 'elites' (our betters) in power.

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