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There was no medical reason to call it a pandemic from day 1.. profiteering from panic is it’s real name..

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You know it's not 'madness'. 'COVID' *is* the proletariat and its potential for future uprising. Chinese proletariat fought back against their class war oppression dressed as health protocols, and now they're being punished. Banning Chinese citizens from entering foreign countries keeps the virus fear alive.

Do you think Chinese oligarchs and Western business men and women will be denied entry to and fro?

So tired of fake dissidents perpetuating the lies that put us under the fascist jackboot in the first place. There was never a pandemic. The PCR tests are fraudulent. Healthy people are not sick. Does all of this need saying?

There are only two sides - good and evil. The proletariat or the ruling class. Choose your side.

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