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Mar 24, 2022Liked by The Solitary Reaper

Dan Andrews, “Making young children wear masks until they are vaccinated,” is about as unimaginably grubby as any political decision could get, by any decent standard you could possibly care to compare it with.

However, this grubby behaviour fits perfectly into a pattern that dovetails into a larger, much more sinister picture. The full imagery of this picture may be seen, only by standing back and looking at all the dots join up. They connect this whole grubby episode of current Australian history into one big nightmarish canvas of corruption.

Watch these “Truth” dots all connect and draw from it your own conclusions. If you are struggling to understand the grubbiness of these despicable apologies for ‘leaders’ we currently have running the Australian ship of state, this video will give you the most accurate perspective on why it is even happening at all.


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